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“Power is always fleeting. It can be taken away by the stroke of a pen or the blade of an axe.”         – Reign

If there is one thing I have loved about college life, it is meeting new people and getting introduced to other shows that people enjoy. Now before coming to college I already had a small addiction to my TV dramas. I religiously juggle over a dozen shows during fall and winter seasons, and coming to college just added more to the pile. One of the shows I have recently fallen in love with is Reign. I spent days locked up in my dorm binge watching hours of this show, because I was head over heels in love after just 5 minutes of viewing the pilot episode. Now that I am all caught up, my friends and I gather together every Thursday night to see what amazing thing Mary, Queen of Scots will do next. I’m telling you I watch about 45 shows and Reign definitely makes my top 5.

Now this is just an overview of the series so I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those of you who don’t watch it. However, I will carefully try and tread over all the main characters to give a brief synopsis.

Reign is a historical fiction series (emphasis on fiction) about Mary, Queen of Scots. Although a lot of the events are historically inaccurate, I love the way the Royal Court is portrayed. There’s love, hatred, loyalty, betrayal, murder, humor…and a plague to top it all off, spun together into an amazing show. It showed the thought and sacrifice leaders of nations have to utilize in order to make the best decisions for their country.

Mary, Queen of Scots


She’s our strong female lead. There is no doubt that she is running this show. She always seems to come out of the right side of an uprising, even when she’s wrong. Its really hard not to fall in love with Mary, because she is not your usual damsel in distress kind of girl waiting around for her prince. No, she honestly in her heart wants what’s best for her country and she will stop at nothing to get it (even if she has to go around her own king). She also wears the most amazing dresses that I plan to later showcase in another post.

Catherine de’ Medici


I’m ranking Catherine just right below Mary because Reign is definitely a female-oriented show, and we have two really strong female leads. Ok, season 1 I hated Catherine. She hated Mary, so it was natural for me to get defensive and hate her. She’s also a really hard person to trust, because she will betray anyone to get what she wants, and she is also really clever about the way she does it. She’s definitely someone you don’t want on your enemy list. There is one thing for sure, she loves her children more than anything in the world, and she will do absolutely anything and everything (immoral and moral) to protect them. I thought I would always hate Catherine, no questions asked, as long as her heart was breathing, but then she does something really heartwarming in the second season, so I think I am starting to open up to her (not sure how long this will last).

Francis II of France


Next, we have our king. I love first season Francis, and I was cheering the entire time that Mary and him would be together forever and ever. Now without giving anything away…later on in the series I start to get a bit iffy with Francis when it comes to him and Mary, because he doesn’t always make the best decisions in their relationship. Francis does make a pretty good leader, I’ll give him that. He makes a few mistakes, as any good leader does, but then he makes up for it by admitting he’s wrong and standing up for what’s right.

Sebastian “Bash”


Yes, your history book was accurate and your brian didn’t just have a huge lapse in information. Historically, Bash does not exist, but Reign is a loose historical interpretation and so they have the creative freedom to add people. Now, everyone I’ve talked to loves Bash, I honestly perfer Mary and Francis together though. Not really sure why, but when Bash was first introduce I just got this really dark, creepy, rebellious brother vibe from. Later on though, Bash turns out to be really sweet and loyal. There’s a definite thing that Bash holds over Francis and its that he would put Mary (or anyone else he loves) over his country, which is something that Francis severely lacks (but maybe that’s what makes Francis a king).

Now there are a lot more reoccurring main characters in Reign, but these are the few that I find to be really essential, and the ones I’m the most emotionally invested in. I plan to do another entry dealing with the supporting characters.

If you are do not already watch Reign, then you definitely should! Even if based on the description above you are still a bit skeptical, just give the first episode a try, there’s no doubt you’ll be hooked. The entire first season is on Netflix, so may the binge watching begin!

If you do watch Reign, I applaud you for making such great life choices, and I definitely plan to do more detailed posts in the future dealing with actually plot points in the series.


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