10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Jane the Virgin

Jane the virgin 2

“Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.” – Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a new comedy that debuted on CW mid-October last year. Since, being released it has been a hit. Its star, Gina Rodriguez even bringing home a Golden Globe this year for Best Comedy Actress. Jane the Virgin is a unique and entertaining twist on a stereotypical telenovela, featuring a abstinent Catholic woman who gets accidentally medically inseminated. The show follows her life as an extremely unlikely and unpredictable pregnancy becomes the centre of her life.

In my opinion, I love this show and it definitely makes my top 5. Every Monday at 9, my friends and I gather around the TV to fangirl over the life of Jane the Virgin. If you don’t watch the show here’s ten reasons why you should give it a chance!

1. Its hilarious! It’ll make you laugh, fangirl, cry, scream…..maybe even all emotions at once.

fangirlling gif

2. You can finally watch a telenovela without subscripts and know what’s going on.

telenovella gif

3. Um, did you see who plays Rafael?


4. The characters are relatable.

gif 1

5. Trust me you well never see the plot points coming…..and it just keeps thickening.

plot twist gif

6. Rafael is bae….

rafael and jane

7. Micheal’s okay too.

micheal and jane

8. Deals with serious issues in a light but effective way.

serious gif

9. You haven’t seen a mother and daughter relationship like this since Gilmore Girls.

jane and xo

10. Silly me, I forgot to mention Rafael!

rafael 3


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