The Struggles of Being Pre-Med


“Don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams of becoming a doctor. You may stumble, you may fall, but what matters in the end is that you get your butt back up and keep it moving.”                       – Unknown (loose interpretation of Charles F. Kettering)

I haven’t published a new post in awhile. In my head I have a lIst of some pretty logical reasons to explain to myself my failure to allot a simple 30 mins in a 24 hour day to writing for my blog. However, in the end they are just excuses (granted they are some pretty good ones). This semester even though I have reduced to taking only 14 hours, I still find myself buried in work. One of the reasons being that I have refocused myself  to my studies because I want all As this semester. I guess I didn’t realize just how much my classes would demand of me. And if I don’t understand the amount of work I need to put forth, then I know outsiders definitely don’t. Today I have decided to point out the struggles of being pre-med. These are struggles anyone who is premed or even attempted to be will understand. When you run into fellow pre-medders, you have this understanding between each other….you are both doing your best to survive hell.

(In this post, I am in no way trying to undermine majors of different intents. College in general can be a struggle. Feel free to check out my earlier post about it here.)

1. Starting to study a week before a chemistry exam is considered procrastinating.


2. After undergraduate school, you have to apply to med school (which is really competitive to get into) so you know there’s your GPA to stress about.

passing grade

3. Turns out getting good grades isn’t enough to get into med school. Having volunteer hours, shadowing hours, a good GPA, and a good MCAT score is a MINIMUM.

i quit

4. There are no easy classes in your major.

cry oitnb

5. You have to take labs.


6. You’re classwork seems endless. The second you finally master a concept you’re professor is halfway through the next.

just one more page

7. If you miss a class, it feels like you’re teacher went over the entire textbook while you were gone.

google it

8. Your friends or family members don’t understand just HOW much time and effort you classes require from you.

thats it

9. Just doing the assigned work will get you nowhere. You have to voluntarily to extra problems for practice.

extra work

10. If you are struggling now, you still have to finish undergraduate school…take the mcat…go to med school…take boards…and do a residency/fellowship program.

fuck you science


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