13 Minutes and 27 Seconds

fiery wine

“Men should think twice before making widowhood women’s only path to power.”
– Gloria Steinem

I really enjoyed writing my first short story inspired my Ed Sheeran’s video, “Thinking Out Loud”. I decided to have another go at it. This time I wrote a short story inspired by “The Worst” by Jhené Aiko, in theme with the book, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which I am currently reading for the 2015 Reading Challenge. I am loving the mystery thriller aspect of it, which surprised me and yet made sense to me at the same time. If you are looking for a book to read, I am currently about halfway through Gone Girl and I would highly recommend it. Even if you aren’t really into thrillers, there’s a great movie waiting at the end of it (so I’ve heard). But if you haven’t seen Jhené Aiko’s music video you should definitely check it out here. My short story can be found below, enjoy!

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They Danced, They Kissed

point shoes

“Dancing is poetry with arms and legs”. – Charles Baudelaire

Now this my first short story in a long time. But I’m expanding my horizons this year and so I decided to see if I could discover a new hobby. I was talking to one of my friends last week, and I got this idea to write short stories inspired by music videos. I was really intrigued so I decided to try it out with Ed Sheeran’s, “Thinking Out Loud” music video. If you’ve never seen it, you should definitely check it out here. My short story doesn’t follow the video or anything. I simply watched the video and this is the story that resulted. I hope you enjoy!

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2015 Reading Challenge


“There is nothing like the smell of books, both new and old. If someone ever bottled the smell, I would be all over it .”
– Tiffany KingMeant to Be

As the days winded down in 2014, I spent my last few days of freedom curled up in bed with a book, occasionally taking a break to check back into the world by sifting through numerous Tumblr and Pinterest posts and pins (going outdoors never occurred to me). I ran into the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge on Pinterest and decidedly immediately that this was what I was going to spend the next year doing, instead of coming up with some cheesy, unoriginal New Years’ Resolution that I would abandon on Day 3 (like giving up Pinterest and Tumblr to do something a lot more productive…ha). So far, I’ve knocked two books off my reading list and I am throughly enjoying my experience. It is expanding my reading pool, and getting me out of my typical books rut. I even got together with a friend to get some book recommendations, so we could broaden our horizons together. I will be posting reviews on all the books I end up reading for the list and tagging them as “2015 Reading Challenge”. I can’t wait to see the results! I encourage you to do something you love for the year of 2015, instead of trying to tackle another thing you hate (we get enough of those from life)! 🙂

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