10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Jane the Virgin

Jane the virgin 2

“Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.” – Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a new comedy that debuted on CW mid-October last year. Since, being released it has been a hit. Its star, Gina Rodriguez even bringing home a Golden Globe this year for Best Comedy Actress. Jane the Virgin is a unique and entertaining twist on a stereotypical telenovela, featuring a abstinent Catholic woman who gets accidentally medically inseminated. The show follows her life as an extremely unlikely and unpredictable pregnancy becomes the centre of her life.

In my opinion, I love this show and it definitely makes my top 5. Every Monday at 9, my friends and I gather around the TV to fangirl over the life of Jane the Virgin. If you don’t watch the show here’s ten reasons why you should give it a chance!

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Reign Overview



“Power is always fleeting. It can be taken away by the stroke of a pen or the blade of an axe.”         – Reign

If there is one thing I have loved about college life, it is meeting new people and getting introduced to other shows that people enjoy. Now before coming to college I already had a small addiction to my TV dramas. I religiously juggle over a dozen shows during fall and winter seasons, and coming to college just added more to the pile. One of the shows I have recently fallen in love with is Reign. I spent days locked up in my dorm binge watching hours of this show, because I was head over heels in love after just 5 minutes of viewing the pilot episode. Now that I am all caught up, my friends and I gather together every Thursday night to see what amazing thing Mary, Queen of Scots will do next. I’m telling you I watch about 45 shows and Reign definitely makes my top 5.

Now this is just an overview of the series so I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those of you who don’t watch it. However, I will carefully try and tread over all the main characters to give a brief synopsis.

Reign is a historical fiction series (emphasis on fiction) about Mary, Queen of Scots. Although a lot of the events are historically inaccurate, I love the way the Royal Court is portrayed. There’s love, hatred, loyalty, betrayal, murder, humor…and a plague to top it all off, spun together into an amazing show. It showed the thought and sacrifice leaders of nations have to utilize in order to make the best decisions for their country.

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